1. I like Radiohead
2. I walk up the stairs two at a time occasionally.
3. I have witnessed a mosh pit
4. I have experienced a mosh pit
5. I once caught a fish on vacation
6. I have punched/attacked a teacher
7. I have seen someone die
I have made fried dough
9. I have been in a New York City taxi - I wish!
10. My hair is its’ natural color
11. A movie has made me cry
12. A book has made me cry
13. A song has made me cry
14. I have been saved by a lifeguard
15. I am for the death penalty
16. There have been times when I wished I wouldn’t exist
17. I know someone who attempted suicide
18. I don’t show my emotions
19. I am a pessimist
20. I usually have no self confidence
21. People have told me they trust me
22. There is a TV in this room
23. I am next to a window
24. I have given directions to someone in a car
25. Someone has borrowed something and not given it back yet

26. I’m a perfectionist
31. I’m home alone
32. I’m an oldest child
33. I have a belt on
34. It’s studded
35. I have plans for today
36. We’re allowed to chew gum at school
37. I live for summer
38. Sometimes I act like I have OCD
39. I could people-watch all day
40. I’ve tried to be a vegetarian
41. Really skinny people annoy me
42. Lime green is an awesome colour
43. I can touch my thumb to my pinkie around my wrist
44. I can know someone’s scent and know they’re near me
45. My parent(s) is a health freak - sort of.
46. I try to use correct spelling/grammar on the computer
47. I know the difference between its and it’s
48. Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda
49. I can get very annoyed by happy people
50. I wish my hair was naturally curly
51. I’m sarcastic a lot
52. I’m at least a little bit Irish
53. I don’t tell people’s secrets
54. I don’t like the name Peg
55. I’ve slipped on a banana peel
56. I’m very ticklish
57. I give people the silent treatment when I’m mad instead of fighting
58. I wear my pajama pants to school
59. Swallowing pills is difficult for me
60. I get scared in elevators
61. I’ve been in a car for 7 hours straight
62. I like going on the subway
63. I’ve seen the same movie twice in a row
64. Sometimes I wish I could get plastic surgery
65. I have fallen down the stairs
66. I prefer pools to oceans
67. I have stayed up until 2:00am doing homework
68. I’ve cried myself to sleep
69. It would almost be worth breaking a leg to use crutches
70. I’ve fainted in public
71. I hate Bermuda shorts
72. Big lips are attractive
73. I like milk in my tea
74. I never wear skirts
75. My nails are fake
76. I can swear in different languages
77. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
78. A stranger has tried to give me money
79. Lipstick is uncomfortable
80. My favorite band broke up
81. I have some friends in my neighborhood
82. I pack my own lunches for school
83. I hate words with too many consonants together
84. I’ve went three days without taking a shower
85. Laptop mouses are impossible
86. I have dropped something today
87. My away message is always up to avoid people
88. I’ve worn earphones/headphones without music to avoid people
89. People have complimented my handwriting
90. I know what aperture and shutter speed are
91. I say like a lot
92. My pinkies are crooked
93. I have a sibling in college/university
94. I’ve danced in the rain before
95. I know who wrote Great Expectations
96. I don’t know how to do the laundry
97. I hate doing the dishes
98. I make index cards for school even when they’re not required
99. I love making microwave s’mores
100. I have meditated before


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